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Random text

This is a weird text I got a while back and just figured out how to get it off my phone. For your enjoyment, I present: MY LOVERBOY!

Him: Wassup
Me: Nm. Cleaning today. You?
Him: Smoking
Him: U no
Me: Haha yeah. I lost my old phone, so I have no contacts. Who is this?
Him: Lexbo fool
Me: I don't know any lexbo
Him: Believe
Me: Believe in lexbo?
Him: That's my way of sayin Iight
Me: So you're saying you're going to light up my life?
Him: Lol Nevamind

Hours later:
Him: Wassup
Me: I still have no idea who you are. Who do you think I am?
Him: Shannon
Me: Nope. I have an ex named shannon though
Him: Iight send me a pic of u
Me: What? No. I don't know you. Send me a pic of you!
Him: Female 1st
Me: What makes you think I'm a girl?
Him: R u
Me: Do you want me to be?
Him: Fuck u
Me: Hey there bub, you texted me! You even gave me the pet name 'light'! Don't get sassy now!

Note: where it looks like he's saying "LIGHT" he's actually saying "IIGHT" as in "all-right" but with an I, in a slang way. I didn't figure this out till later...

Team HOLSAB donation!

Hello everyone!

Holly (the GF) and one of our friends, Sabrina, are running in a half-marathon for charity. I decided to do my part by selling some things on ebay, donating all the proceeds AND matching whatever the donation was. That donation ended up being $130.98!

What I didn't realize, though, was that eBay has their own charity system and they don't like when you post auctions for charity without using their specific charity donation system! I got an email halfway through the week that the auctions were up saying that what I was doing was against ebay rules for tax reasons (and presumably, because they don't want people "auctioning things for charity" and then not actually donating the money. Thankfully it was just a warning email, so they didn't pull the auctions. And next time, I know to do it their way. But regardless...

While I was planning on posting the money breakdown somewhere anyway, that email from them just reminded me that I really should post it, just to ensure my buyers know everything's on the up & up. So without further ado: (adue?)

I sold 3 Transformers and a Star Wars t-shirt. Here is the breakdown, though I'm sure the #s won't line up right as this is Livejournal and they don't do spreadsheets here. The first line is column descriptions:

Item name: Total auction price: Ebay fees: Paypal fees: net proceeds.
Space Case: $15.50: $1.70: $0.85: $12.95
Windcharger: $26.00: $2.65: $1.15: $22.20
Wreck Gar: $20.50: $2.09: $1.05: 17.36
Star Wars Shirt: $15.50: $1.40: $1.12: $12.98

Totals: $77.50: $7.84: $4.17: $65.49

Double $65.49 = $130.98

Which is what I donated, visible here, on the girls' donations page for TeamChallenge:


Right now I'm the newest donation at the bottom, but as soon as someone else donates I'll be bumped up, obviously. I did have a "comment" saying "thanks to the ebay bidders" but it ate the comment, for some reason. Haha.

Anywho, the girls have a blog up on wordpress: http://teamholsab.wordpress.com/ if you want to follow along, and please if you're looking for a good cause to donate to, check them out!

AND LOCALS! They're doing an EVENT at Firehouse Pizza in Arlington next Thursday October 6th! You'll be able to buy a wristband to get drink specials all night, and there will be a raffle for all kinds of good prizes so COME CHECK US OUT!

Couch forts!

Yoshi loves 'em.

I'm sure its been a year

but I'm posting a dream:

You broke up with me. I'm pretty sure we were at my grandparents (my father's parents) house, though I couldn't see it. I was screaming for you not to leave, but you wouldn't listen. I woke up shaken, like it were a nightmare.

After a bathroom trip, I dreamed:

I was running from someone, he wanted my backpack. Wait, it wasn't my backpack, it was someone else's. It belonged to that guy from Coldplay (?). I was protecting it from this guy (?). He wanted it because there was a scandalous video tape in there, and I thought he was scum for wanting to broadcast whatever was on the tape. After running and running, he catches up to me in an apartment and after a standoff, he offers me $87,000 for the tape. I say fuck it, and take the money, cause I'm unemployed and don't even like Coldplay!